Dec 4, 2013

I have moved

I have moved my blog into it's very own domain. You can me at:

Nov 27, 2013

Sewing a patchwork advent calendar

I have sewers block at the moment, similar to writers block. There are only a couple of days left in November and I need to sew my denim patchwork pockets together however I face a delema. 

If I sew on the numbers before sewing the  squares they could be out of alignment.

Sew the patches together and then adding the numbers?

I am hand sewing on the numbers and it will be easier if the patches were not joined. But I run the risk of them not sewing aligned.

Does this really matter in the big world picture? No.

However I will be annoyed each year when I hang up the advent calendar if I get it wrong.

Can anyone help?

Nov 25, 2013

Weekend photos

Here are five photos from my weekend:

I finished my second crochet pillow

My street supported my decision to host a garage sale and four house holds participated. We sold our stuff to strangers, friends and each other. It was a huge success and my neighbour rock!

Here are the goodies I brought off my neighbours. I did managed to sell more than I brought :)

The weather has been storming. I remember as a child my mother told me that loud thunder was Santa in his workshop making toys for the good kids.

I have made progress on my advent calendar, hopefully I will have it finished by the end of this month.

My weekend was busy and each week is getting busier. How was your weekend? Can you remember five interesting things about your 48 hours?

Nov 24, 2013

anaphylaxis in children

When your child has anaphylaxis there is a constant worry that never leaves you. My son will be having his yearly check up tomorrow and hopefully we will have news of an improvement. Scenes like the above movie have been rare and thankfully that was the last time he spent time in an emergency room, while in my care. His Dad has spent time in the emergency room with our son too. 

Even when you triple check and try to keep all known allergens out of his environment and food there is always a chance something could go wrong.

Medical advice for anaphylaxis is at your fingertips via the internet, however my understanding it that the main problem is the immune system and what it will tolerate and what it won’t. Funny thing about immune systems are they are constantly changing. 

If I had a dollar for every time a well-meaning person told me that my child will outgrow his allergies I would be able to pay for fancy private schools for my children. My son will have to be monitored for the rest of his life to find out what his immune system is tolerating and what he is reacting too. 

For the first 9 years of his life he could not eat any nuts and last year we got the green light for hazel nuts and almonds, Nutella was on the menu. These new ingredients were to be treated with respect, eaten at home only, required two adults present with an epi pen at the ready, in case his immune system changed again.

I am hopeful and yet a little scared for tomorrows outcome, will we have new items on the menu or will they be taking off. Regardless of what happens I am thankful that we've had no emergency room visits for two years and modern medicine gives us comfort that he will be able to ‘manage’ his reactions. 

Does allergies plague your family?

PS - The appointment went well and we do have new food items on the menu. This means his immunity is building in strength, however he will always have the peanut allergy and the test showed an even stronger reaction.  I am grateful and give thanks for each and every step in the right direction, as it has been a long and painful journey.

Nov 23, 2013

Taking stock 1

I am following along with Pip who has started a taking stock list:

Making : hedwig softies for the Mirabel Foundation
Cooking : chocolate fruit cake
Drinking : red wine
Reading: load of blogs from my fellow students
Wanting: a good night sleep
Looking: at my unfinished crochet dish cloth for a swap at
Playing: Harry Potter audio book - Order of the Phoenix
Deciding: on what to write for my 750
Wishing: that the rain would keep falling all night long
Enjoying: the cool that comes after a down pour of rain
Waiting: until Monday when I will be able to use data download on my iphone again
Liking: that I got drenched in the rain helping my neighbour
Wondering: how much damage the storm created
Loving: my quiet weekend
Pondering: career options
Considering: moving
Watching: nothing but this computer screen
Hoping: to keep my balance
Marvelling: at all my neighbours who joined in the 'street garage sale'
Needing: a massage
Smelling: rain
Wearing: t-shirt
Following: Pip on a blogging journey
Noticing: my children need more of my attention
Knowing: I am not perfect
Thinking: of all the possibilities and working on a solution
Feeling: mixed emotions
Admiring: Louise who keeps a calm and centered at all times
Buying: 2 cushions from a neighbours garage sale
Getting: my neighbours to buy my stuff at my garage sale
Bookmarking: historical reference to my 750 word project
Opening: my mind to new possibilites
Giggling: at funny videos on facebook (sad but true)
Feeling: accomplished because most of my neighbours supported the street garage sale
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